Code & Dot

Nidal Daccour, General Manager

BIAT offered our company, Code & Dot all needed facilities that helped us expanding our services and grow. BIAT acted for us as consultant, also don’t miss any opportunity to put us on the right way via its effective network.
BIAT is an ideal environment to get started in a new Business. In BIAT, you can find all the support you need to go forward to succeed.

Please Visit our website to see the vast Technological and Art services that we provide.

La Mairie Hotel

Ibrahim Macari, Owner

Found in 1980, Hotel La Mairie became an essential part of Ehden’s touristic history.
I started at one point thinking about refurbishing the hotel and giving it a new lively look.
I contacted BIAT and we developed an action plan that will enable me achieving my vision for the hotel.
We did a full research, market analysis, and a detailedl business plan. After that, they helped me accessing a kafalat plus loan. Today, my boutique Hotel La Mairie is one of a kind in North Lebanon and witnessing a remarkable success.
BIAT keeps on interfering to provide help when asked.
Please Visit our website to witness the change.

ELTJ Group sarl

Latifa el Hachem Tary General Manager

There is a Japanese proverb that says: Fall seven times, stand up eight!
During my career journey, I can’t tell how many times I felt down and stood up but I can tell how many times BIAT staff stood next to me in crossing over the difficulties and keep walking. As for me, dreaming was a start, finding someone to believe in me and my dream was a step, standing by me to achieve my dream was half way. Among all other associations, BIAT was the only one who believed in me and my business. At BIAT, I found someone to listen and discuss, to understand and propose and someone to care and assist. With BIAT I dare to dream BIG, believe in my dreams and I'm sure that I won’t be alone.

Royal Star Bakery

Fadi Albert Kodaisy – Founder and Managing Partner

I’ve always disliked the prospect of traveling and living outside of my country. BIAT’s Team strongly encouraged me to start a company here in Lebanon. They explained to me how BIAT can help in starting my dream bakery in Rachiine Zgharta.
They assisted me getting a loan from kafalat, and aid me with the business plan process and market study.
I have been operating my business in the Lebanese market since 7 months now.
We piloted The Royal star bakery with 40 different types of product as the first phase , and hopefully in the future we will expand our business by adding new products .
For the time being we employ more than 50 persons and looking forward to employ even more in the next year.

Green ways

Sally khalaf- Project Manager

I am Sally, a fresh graduate in environmental expertise. My dream was to have my own company for sorting and recycling solid wastes. The journey towards the materialization of my dream began with Rachad Baroudi , my friend and business partner. We then participated in a business plan competition, where BIAT was our tutor and mentor. When we got the first prize, BIAT offered us everything we desired to have a great start up, from Freelancer's desks, consultancy, networking and much more. BIAT believed in Green ways and in its dream to have a waste free city and is still offering us all the support we need. Thank you BIAT team!

Cardio Diagnostics

Ziad Sankari, CEO

BIAT offered our company Cardio Diagnostics, a variety of services that suited our needs within a stimulating working environment. BIAT gave affordable services in addition to the variety of advising, coaching, and training services that helped my team achieve milestones.
Now we are carefully following our strategic plan that was put with the BIAT team to achieve a sustainable healthy growth.