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The SWITCH-Med initiative is a regional multi-component program funded by the EU.

The SWITCH-Med initiative is a regional multi-component program funded by the EU. It will be implemented through collaborative efforts by the EU, UNIDO, UNEP/MAP, SCP/RAC and UNEP-DTIE.

The overall objective of the SWITCH-Med initiative is to facilitate the shift toward Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in the southern Mediterranean Region.

The program aims to change the practices of the production and consumption of goods and services in order to decouple development and the satisfaction of the needs of the community from environmental damage. Via the elaboration of policies, demonstration activities and networking, this program will boost Green Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region; Empower Mediterranean Civil Society Organization (CSOs) to facilitate their shift towards more sustainable lifestyles, and to support collaborative initiatives between Green Entrepreneurs and CSOs in the Mediterranean region.


BIAT is implementing the project as a local contact point for Lebanon and is responsible for the following activities:


  • Identification and selection of local trainers on Green Entrepreneurship (a group of at least 20 candidates who will become trainers on green entrepreneurship, 10 of whom will be selected and trainer)
  • Identification and call for potential Green Entrepreneurship for the training program (160 GE, 8 workshops)
  • Identifying of local Green Entrepreneurs to be invited to the training workshops as examples of success
  • Organization of training workshops: One workshop for ten local trainers and eight workshops for 160 selected Green entrepreneurs