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PRIME “Promoting Intergenerational Learning in the Mediterranean Countries” in gold/silversmith sector.

PRIME “Promoting Intergenerational Learning in the Mediterranean Countries” is a project co-financed by the EU through the European cross-border cooperation program ENPI CBC MED with non-European Mediterranean areas.

BIAT is working with 7 MED partners From (Italy, Greece, Egypt and Lebanon) from which Rome Institute for Entrepreneurial Training (IRFI) is the lead partner.



 Project Objective: The project aims to foster intergenerational learning within gold/silversmith and gemologists, develop transferable mentoring schemes for intergenerational learning, and transfer of core skills in the gold/silversmith and gemology sector in an implementation period of 2 years.

Project Results: In total the project will train and mentor 40 family businesses in the gold and silversmith industry (12/15 per country) and 90 young entrepreneurs (20/30 per country).Each country will have from 6 to 8 bags for mobility and study visits to be awarded to young entrepreneurs in the sector (for a total of 50 scholarships to be awarded throughout the project). 

PRIME Summary