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Support the Tripoli Furniture Value chain

The action of both developing a value chain information system and the business support will help build the capabilities and competencies of the SMEs within the furniture cluster through training, one to one to coaching and other services. Additionally, t

This project is funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France.

The global objective of this project is to revitalize the wood processing sector in Tripoli with special focus on furniture production through integrated financial and non-financial services, establishment, management and operation of market-oriented value chain, by :

·         Enhancing the furniture sector’s competitiveness, mobilizing and energizing the wood processors and consequently contributes to Lebanon's economic development and job creation in Tripoli.

·         Lowering production costs

·         Working on a professional quality rebranding and communications programme

·         Developing new product with a structured platform.

·         Improving the use of equipment and wood as a raw material 


The value chain information system is considered as the core of the project since it will contain the key information for all the participants of the project from implementing partners, cluster stakeholders, and SMEs. The system will act as a directory containing information about the SMEs and Stakeholders of the furniture sector since a geographical representation of the players will be available among the participants. Having such data will improve the cooperation between the different SMEs. Another major benefit of the value chain information system is that it will serve as the source of information at the SME level since it will feed the Business Support team with relevant information about the weaknesses and strengths of SMEs to identify the needs of the entrepreneurs, match them with the market opportunities defined by the marketing module, and fill the gaps.


Another main activity in this project is related to the business support for the SMEs. This activity will be a key component in the survival of the current SMEs before reaching the point of potential expansion by building their capacity. The support varies from business training, technical training and one to one coaching based on the category of which the SME will belong to. The support will be based on a firm value chain analysis to define the technical interventions on sourcing, making, and delivering of each firm. Further business support will ensure general business advice in addition to linkages to access to finance (mainly the access to finance module) in addition to access to markets (mainly the marketing module). The criteria on which the categorization of the SME will be classified are going to be established by BIAT experts.