Projects / Cultural Observatory for the Urban Community of AlFayhaa

Cultural Observatory for the Urban Community of AlFayhaa

Establish a cultural observatory that acts as a center for observation, collection, documentation, dissemination and all that pertains to the local cultural life of the cities of Al-Fayhaa Urban Community (CUF).

Project Activities:

A1- Organize a round table / workshop to exchange expertise and enrichment with two experts from Egypt and Barcelona and local experts and stakeholders (universities, public and private institutions, associations) to present The observatory and to call on them to sign cooperation agreements indicating the fields or cultural fields which they are interested in following.
A2 - Conduct a feasibility study adapted to the local context
A3 - Collection of database and studies already carried out
A4 - Development of a joint cultural program that groups together the different activities of the cultural associations of Tripoli
A5 - Create an associative network of actors involved with public and private institutions, national and local
A6 - Forming a Board to ensure the management and sustainability of the observatory
A7 - organize a Capitalization Seminar on Cultural Policies and Dissemination of Information
Main objective :
Creation of a cultural observatory in order to preserve the memory, To deepen the citizenship and the citizenship of the inhabitants, To protect and preserve the cultural heritage, To preserve the identity and the idea of the cultural diversity
Results to be achieved:
R_A1- Development of an orientation map
R_A2- Creation of a database of references and sources concerning the local culture
R_A3- Development of monitoring indicators, an action plan. Sustainability of the observatory and the terms of reference and qualifications of the human resources required for the operation of the observatory
R_A4- Monthly newsletter with all activities carried out or planned
R_A5- Drafting of an agreement / charter between all the actors involved
R_A6- Formation of a decision-making and functional organization chart
R_A7- Launch of the Observatory