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The overall objective of this project is to empower existing MSMEs to expand their businesses, increase their competitiveness. It will also focus on income growth opportunities for youth, by connecting them with MSMEs and expand their opportunities throug


Entrepreneurs in the Northern governorate are facing difficulties and obstacles in order to sustain their businesses. BIAT’s approach is to find a solution not only to support businesses and topromote innovation and entrepreneurship among them but also to find new synergies among individuals from the hosting and hosted entities.


The project will implement activities that will improve the quality of life of citizens by empowering MSMEs to generate growth, create new jobs, and expand income opportunities for youth, which will help in decreasing poverty, and creating a better living environment.


During its first phase, the project will build the capacity of 40 MSMEs on business model canvas and the lean start-up with integration of green practices in their businesses and 15 Youth on soft and technical skills.

In a second phase and following a business plan competition, 7 MSMEs will be selected and 15 Youth will be furthermentored on specific needs.The Youth will be then placed in the selected MSMEs within a paid internship program in order to be able to translate knowledge acquired through the trainings into actual changes on the ground.

The project combines a series of workshops and trainings adapted to the relevant capacity need of the target groups (MSMEs or Youth).

The Participants will gain:

·         Knowledge on how to improve employability in the enterprise

·         An overview of available tools and methodologies for business expansion

·         The ability to apply their new capacities to improve their businesses in their enterprises.

·         Improvement of technical and soft skills

·         A chance for MSMEs to win a grant of $10,000

Geographical Scope:

North Lebanon

Target groups:

Two main target groups are identified for this project:

·         Existing MSMEs North Lebanon willing to grow, to create new jobs and to improve their export potentials.

·         youth residing invulnerable areas of North Lebanon affected by the Syrian crisis

Project Duration:

9 months

Starting date: May 2016

End date: February 2016


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