Projects / DRC2


Support of Local Economic Development in North Lebanon through the establishment of Lebanese-Syrian partnerships and development of market-based value chain in Tripoli.

 Project objective:

The project’s overall objective is to strengthen socio-economic development through facilitating self-employment and entrepreneurship for Lebanese and Syrian Nationals in Tripoli through capacitating MSME as well as promoting income generation initiatives through providing labor market assessment reports on specific value chains in the North (Tripoli). In addition to providing feasibility studies for Community Support projects through public private partnerships.


A- SME support project

1- Launching event

2- Deadline for receiving applications on 30/06/2016

Application form shall include full information about all the business partners and the role/participation of each party in order to facilitate the screening process.

3- Screening and short listing of Top 60 applications

4- Training for the 60 applications

BIAT will provide 2 trainings (3 days-session, 20 hours per training)  in the context of which BIAT will provide its standard business development curricula and ensure that each training will target a maximum of 30 attendees.

5- Preparing Business plans

- BIAT will Support the partners through coaching  to develop their own business plans with a minimum of 40 partnerships (80 beneficiaries.

- BIAT will organize interviews with workshop potential beneficiaries to help assessing the validity of the partnership.

-  The applicants will do a  Presentation of the business plans in front of the project committee.

6- Selection of Top 18 partnerships (36 beneficiaries)

7-  Awarding Events

BIAT will organize 2 events for grants awarding and notary registration.

B- Labor law counseling

BIAT will develop 2 TOT sessions about Lebanese labor law and a handout on the Lebanese labor law.

C- Feasibility study for CSPs

BIAT will develop and provide 2 feasibility studies reports to promote public-private partnership initiatives in Tripoli area through 2 Community Support projects in coordination with the Municipality and other stakeholders.

One of these two initiatives will focus on waste management while the other will be selected based on evidence of a gap in service provision and will be identified in coordination with municipalities.

D- Vocational Technical Training curricula

BIAT will  develop 8 Vocational Technical Training curricula (120 hours) on the basis of innovation and evidence from labor market.

E- Labor Market assessment

BIAT will prepare 4 labor market assessment reports, each one on a specific value chain in Tripoli.

The purpose is to study the labor market dynamics and interaction between forces of supply and demand in order to identify innovative income generation opportunities (CFW schemes) for displaced population and affected host community. 



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