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YESS Tripoli

YESS Tripoli- Youth Employability and SME Support in Tripoli


The main objective is to support Lebanese MSMEs to improve their competitiveness and to improve the employability of vulnerable youth, with the overall aim of strengthening local economic activity and expanding income opportunities for youth.

Scope of Work:

The support includes gathering market information about key competitive sectors within the area of Tripoli either primary or secondary data collection depending on the availability of information. This is followed by carrying out a diagnostic on groups of MSMEs within selected productive sectors to identify needs and challenges.

Assessing their needs and challenges would be the basis for the developement of direct support interventions based on a 5 pillar schemes covering:

1- Support to business developement

2- Improvement of the workplace

3- Decrease of production costs

4- Support to human resource capacities for the current and needed worforce

5- Carrying out activities that will link the MSMEs with local universities in the area.

This direct support should be provided for at least 170 vulnerable youth to improve their employability through comprehensive vocational traaining, including class room based technical and soft skills training as well as internship placements within the 50 supported MSMEs.

This will also involve the identification and support to local training institutions for the developement and/or improvement of curriculum for the training to be carried out, on the basis of the market based HR needs diagnostic.


1- Gathering information on key economic sectors in Tripoli, identifying industries with growth potential.

2- Carry out a diagnostic of the Human Resource (HR) and capacity needs of MSMEs within the identified growth sectors.

3- Identification of public vocational training institutions to carry out vocational training programmes within needed fields

4- Developement of new curriculums in coordination and cooperation with the vocational training institutions on the basis of the MSMEs HR diagnostic

5- 170 youth beneficiaries should be identified and placed in the most suitable training program. The beneficiaries should be between 18 to 30 years of age

6- Roll out of vocational training program for the 170 youth beneficiaries. The training program will include technical skills training within the adentified fields of work as well as soft skills training such as communication skills, customer service skills, sales and marketing skills, how to prepare a CV and how to prepare for a job interview etc. The duration of these programs should range between 2 to 4 months

7- Direct Support to the 50 identified MSMEs by the support to business developement, improvement of the workplace, decrease of production costs, support to human resource capacities for the current workforce and finally carrying out activities that will link the MSMEs with local universities in the area.

8- Enrolment of youth in internship program. The targeted youth should complete on-the-job training within the 50 selected MSMEs for a 3 months period. The monthly payment for each beneficiary won't exceed 300 USD per month including transportation.

The deadline for applications submission for Youth and MSMEs is on the 13th of June 2016 by 2:00 PM

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