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Support in capacity building and guidance on export operations and procedures

The project works closely with the Chamber of Commerce in Tripoli and North Lebanon and BIAT to:

-          Support capacity building activities to farmers, cooperatives and exporters and packing houses on export procedures with a focus on the EU market in particular for potatoes and leafy greens,

-          Act as platform for information to address requests from producers on export markets and potential export opportunities,

-          Provide guidance on export regulations and requirements,

-          Ensure linkages with potential employers for vocational training internship opportunities.


Major actions:


1.       Capacity building activities to farmers and cooperatives on export procedures by identifying and selecting the potential participants whom will take part in the trainings. Five topics will be addressed including:  Export Procedures – Marketing & Sales in international markets – Costing & Pricing for international markets – Quality Assurance & Packaging – Participating at international Trade fairs and trade missions. These training will take place in November and December 2015 for 8 to 10 days.

2.       Provision of information on export markets and potential export opportunities in collaboration with IDAL and other relevant institutions. Farmers/ Exporters/ COOP and all other stakeholders will be guided and linked to potential export/import market opportunities. It also serves to enhance the collaboration and coordination of key actors network on matters relevant to upgrade the businesses within the two value chains of potato and leafy greens. Close coordination with EU Embassies, international trade organizations, research and economic analysis through internet and interviews with experts in search for leads on market trends and business potentials will be followed up.

3.       Guidance on export regulations and requirements in coordination with relevant authorities (MoA, IDAL, Embassies, etc…). Regulations, requirements, international trade agreements will be collected and shared with CCIAT beneficiaries and clients interested in exports to EU. Contacting the Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, industry and agriculture in EU countries and other agencies from public and private sectors.

4.       Linkages with potential employers for vocational training internship opportunities: CCIAT/BIAT in collaboration with North LEDA will organise a workshop on internship opportunities for students in vocational training for the agriculture sector. This activity will support linkages between VT students and potential employers for internship opportunities. This workshop also supportsMoA accessing employers in the region through the Chamber of Commerce in order to develop an integrated internship programme as part of the vocational training course.

 Export Procedures-English

Export Procedures-Arabic

Market Trends-English

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