Projects / SHAAMS


Strategic Hub for the Analysis and Acceleration of the Mediterranean Solar Sector.

The SHAAMS project intends to define and implement a series of actions aimed at raising public awareness on the opportunities and potentialities of solar energy solutions for the social and economic development of the region ENPI CBC MED.

The SHAAMS project activities will seek to raise public awareness (on energy efficiency solutions) and to encourage an informed debate on the potentialities and opportunities of the sector by enabling regular participatory activities and actions.  This collaborative approach will promote and facilitate the exchange of data (indicators) between public administration bodies, research centres, universities, firms and agents of the civil society and will allow the consortium to analyse the needs, expectations and requirements of all the actors and to provide solutions coherent with all the agents’ needs. In order to ensure a comprehensive approach to the sector, and aware that its development depends on effectively addressing three socioeconomic pillars, namely policy development, entrepreneurial and research engagement and social awareness.

BIAT is implementing the project as a local contact point for Lebanon along with 12 MED partners (Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan) from which the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona is the lead partner.

The kick-off meeting was held in December 2012 in Barcelona.